Smart Urban Isle

What is a "Smart Urban Isle"?

Smart urban islands are urban areas with bioclimatic buildings and mini networks. The smart urban islands create synergies between the various building functions and achieve significant energy savings through the associated increase in efficiency. The aim is to produce, distribute and store the required energy locally. In addition, the maximum comfort for the residents of the area is aimed for. All data and goals are managed via the management platform. The aim of the smart urban islands is to create intelligently linked urban areas that can be integrated into modern urban planning and ensure sustainable growth of the city.
A SUI consists of three complementary and integrative blocks:
Energy design deals with energy generation, distribution and storage. Local energy resources are investigated and used as efficiently as possible.
The bioclimatic design achieves the comfort to be fulfilled through the architecture and uses the synergies of energy and buildings.
The management platform deals with data measurement, storage and evaluation. This step also covers the monitoring of SUI goals.

What is a "Smart City"?

Due to urbanisation, cities are facing new challenges. Areas such as energy production, water supply, waste disposal, environmental pollution and the guarantee of a high standard of living are particularly hard hit.
In order to meet these challenges, new areas must become smart. A "Smart City" uses existing and new technologies to develop into a more sustainable city. It has low energy consumption, is environmentally friendly and offers a social and attractive life for the inhabitants. To achieve this, the city must approach challenges in cooperation with specific stakeholders. The focus here is on the creation of synergies.

Goal of the SUI guideline

The aim of the handbook is the step-by-step development of an SUI-area concept. Various aspects of the three main areas of energy planning, bioclimatic design and management platform will be developed, which will ultimately serve as guidelines for the preliminary study of the project.


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